Devilbiss AGX Automatic HVLP Spray Gun

Devilbiss AGX Automatic Spray Gun (photo: ITW Industrial Finishing)

Part No.: AGX-550, AGX-552 & AGX-553

AGXV – V stands for the HVLP version of AGX gun
550 –
for common finishing materials waterborne and chlorinated.
552 – for abrasive materials, including porcelain enamel, ceramic glazes, buffing compounds, and/or water mix materials, abrasive fluid seal.
553 – for waterborne and more corrosive materials

Technical Specifications

Weight: 728 g (without mounting stud)
Maximum Recommended Working Pressures
Inlet Pressure (max.): 100 psi (7 bar)
Fluid Pressure (max.): 100 psi (7 bar)
Cylinder Air Pressure
– Min. **50 psi (3.5 bar)
– Max. 100 psi (7 bar)
Hose Connections
Fluid Inlet: 3/8″ NPS(M)
Cylinder Air: 1/4″ NPS(M)
Atomization Air: 1/4″ NPS(M)

Fluid Tip/Nozzle

Range: 0.8-2.8mm (for AGX-550)

0.8mm G (AV-2115-G / AGX-402-G)
1.1mm FX
(AV-2115-FX / AGX-402-FX)
1.4mm FF (AV-2115-FF / AGX-402-FF)
1.8mm E (AV-2115-E / AGX-402-E)
2.2mm D (AV-2115-D / AGX-402-D)
2.8mm G (AV-2115-G / AGX-402-G)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: conventional air spray
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Cap No. Order No. Air flow
24 AV-40-24 n/a
30 MB-4049-30* n/a
58 AV-439-58* n/a
62 MB-4039-62HD* 449
64 MB-4039-64HD* 432
704 AV-1239-704 418
765 AV-1239-765 476
777 31767-777 462
797 AV-1239-797 463

* come with retaining ring


This conventional Devilbiss AGX automatic spray gun is designed for use with industrial robots, reciprocators and stationary mounting. This gun is the predecessor of the AGXV (HVLP technology due to a modified spray head, i.e. different baffle, air cap and partly nozzles/needles). The AGX-550 spray gun comes with a stainless steel tip for use with many waterborne materials and even chlorinated solvents (if used with chlorinated solvents, make sure all other fluid handling components are also compatible). The AGX-552 guns are specially equipped with carboloy fluid tip and needle for use with water-mix materials and abrasives. The AGX-553 guns include a special 300-grade stainless fluid tip with UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene insert (needle seat) and 300-grade stainless steel needle for use with mildly abrasive or corrosive materials. The spray head is also detachable for a fast needle packing replacement. A special feature are the PTFE (teflon) needle packings which are spring loaded for extended service life.


General purpose solvent based and waterborne coating materials,including chlorinated solvents.

Service Manual

AGX Operation Manual (Source: ManualsLib)

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