Arnold GFS Manual Paint Spray Gun

Arnold GFS Spray Gun

Technical Specifications

Part Number: HP302-14
Description: Arnold Manual Spray Gun (Gravity Feed)
Nozzle: 1.4 mm
Working Pressure (max.): 100 psi
Working Pressure (recommended): 40-70 psi
Air Consumption: 12 cfm@60 psi
Material Housing: Nylon
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPSM


The Arnold GFS Gravity Feed Spray Gun (part numbers: GFS, S106301, S106304, S106305) is an established, well known gun, popular in the woodworking, refinishing and industrial markets due to its rugged construction. The gun can be supplied with a 1.4mm nozzle and needle for basecoats, topcoats, stains, lacquers and polyurethanes or with a 2.0mm set up for primers, fillers and general high viscosity materials. Arnold was a brand of Australian Samson Spray Equipment, now part of the Carlisle Fluid Technologies group.