Binks 460 Automatic Spray Gun

Binks 460 Automatic Spray Gun

Binks 460 Automatic Spray Gun

Part No.: 460 GUN J920SS x J92P NPS

J920SS- nozzle size
J92P- air cap type
NPS– thread connection type

Technical Information

Weight: 210 g [7.25 oz.]
Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 39 mm [4.75 x 2.375 x 1.625 in]
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS (M)
Fluid Inlet: 1/4″ NPS (M)
Air Pressure (working condition): 4.4 bar [65 psi]
Air Pressure (max.): 6.8 bar [100 psi]
Fluid Pressure (max.): 6.8 bar [100 psi]
Air Volume Requirements (max.): 566 lpm [20 scfm]
Air Nozzle: Hard Brass
Material Nozzle: Hardened Steel
Material Needle: Stainless Steel (with adjustable sleeve to compensate for wear)
Gun Body Material: Aluminum Forging

Fluid Tip/Nozzle

Nozzle No. Nozzle Part No. Nozzle Size
J920SS 45-84 / 200360 0.5 mm [0.020 in]
J930SS 45-85 / 200361 0.75 mm [0.030 in]
J940SS 45-86 / 200362 1.0 mm [0.040 in]
K960SS 45-87 / 200363 1.5 mm [0.060 in]

Air Nozzle/Air Cap

Atomization Technique: conventional air spray 
Air Consumption: 20 scfm [566 lpm] 
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Nozzle No.Part No.Air Consumption cfm/lpm
(@ 4.4 bar/65 psi)
J92P2008336.8 cfm [193 lpm]
K92P2008387.0 cfm [198 lpm]
J92S2008316.8 cfm [193 lpm]
J92R2008341.7 cfm [48 lpm]
K92S2008366.8 cfm [193 lpm]


Small & Lightweight
The Binks 460 Automatic Spray Gun is a small and lightweight (only 210g/7.25 oz) precision spray gun for use on automatic and semi-automatic machines. Its compact dimensions allow the gun to be neatly installed in tight spaces where the standard range of automatic spray guns cannot be accommodated. The gun can be mounted on a 1/2″ [12.7 mm] diameter rod using the mounting hole in the top of the gun. The air and material connections are arranged so that both hoses run along the gun arm to minimise interference with gun movement.

Air/Fluid Supply Control
Both gun operation (spray on/off) and spray variation are controlled from a single air supply hose. Two control valves are located on the gun head, one to adjust the spray width (from round to maximum fan) and the other to control the air flow to the nozzle. A remote two-way control valve (supplied by the user) triggers the gun: The atomizing air is switched on before the material, eliminating any spitting or dripping. The coating material is supplied by a pressure feed system (e.g. pressure tank).

There is a double numbering system for this spray gun, i.e. the same part has two different numbers depending on the age of the manual, e.g. the “piston” is numbered “54-2872”, but in another manual also “18 45 76”.


Virtually all liquid coatings, including general purpose solvent-based materials

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