Gel Coat Equipment: The Binks Gelmaster Unit

Binks Gel Coat Equipment Gelmaster

Binks Gel Coat Equipment Gelmaster

Model: 105-1138

Gel-Coat System Component List

Item No. Part No. Description QTY
1 207.11029 Catalyst Tank 1
2 102-2230 Plug Groove Valve 1
3 102-3430 A.C.I. Valve 1
4 102-265 Side Port Control 1
5 7N Spray Gun w/ 68SS x A68PB 1
6 SR300-02 Air Control 1
7 QMGT-5512 Pressure Tank 20 litre 1
8 SFR300-02 Regulator 1
9 H-2398 Air Hose Assembly 1
10 H-2398 Air Hose Assembly 1
11 71-2794 Catalyst Hose Assembly 1
12 H-1973-1 Material Hose Assembly 1
13 H-239 Air Hose Assembly 1

What Fluid Tip Size for Spraying Gelcoat

A typical size of fluid tip for spraying gelcoat is 2.8 mm [0.110 inch]

Gel Coat Air Nozzle/Cap

Atomization Technique: conventional air spray (pressure feed)
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide: see chart

Air Cap No. Order No. Air Flow (lpm) Pattern Size (mm)
A68PB A68PB 269 (@2.1bar), 400(@3.5bar), 540(@4.8 bar) 305


In the Binks Gelmaster unit model 105-1138 the catalyst is mixed externally, i.e. catalyst is delivered by and trough the atomisation air and is then intimately mixed with the resin leading to a clear and air free sprayed gel coat film. The advantages are that no flushing is necessary and that the external catalyst delivery is clearly visible to the operator. This model is very suitable for multi-colored operation as a quick colour change is possible.


Gel Coat on FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

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