Devilbiss AGGS-522 Automatic Spray Gun

Devilbiss AGGS-522 Automatic Spray Gun

Part No.: AGGS-522FYH-B

FF – nozzle size (e.g. FF,FY,FF or DE)
H – fluid tip material: High grade stainless steel
B – air cap (e.g. 13,18 or 162)

Fluid Tip/Nozzle

Range: 0.85-2.0mm
0.85mm GX
(JGHV-473-GX / AGGS-420-GX)
1.0mm FY
(JGHV-473-FY / AGGS-420-FY)
1.4mm FF
(JGHV-473-FF / AGGS-420-FF)
2.0mm DE (JGHV-473-DE / AGGS-420-DE)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Cap No. Order No. Air Flow (l/min) Spray Pattern
13 JGHV-16-13 480 305×63
18 JGHV-16-18 480 495×90
162 JGHV-16-162 510 365×63


Weight: 950 g
Dimensions: 202 mm (length) x 92 mm (height) x 48 mm (width)
Maximum Recommended Working Pressures
Air Supply : P1=9 bar (130 lbf/in2)
Material Supply : P2=14 bar (200 lbf/in2)
At the Air Cap : 0.7 bar (10 lbf/in2)


The AGGS-522 is a production spray gun suitable for use with automatic and semi-automatic machines. The design uses High Volume Low Pressure atomisation air (HVLP) to reduce overspray and improve coating transfer efficiency. To handle a wide range of coating materials the material passages, fluid tip and needle are manufactured from high grade stainless steel. However, these guns are not designed for use with highly corrosive or highly abrasive materials and if used with such materials it must be expected that the need for thorough cleaning and/or the necessity for replacement parts will be increased.
Pressure feed material supply can be either re-circulating or direct. A removable spray head simplifies maintenance and cleaning of material wetted components. The gun is triggered by compressed air to a single acting cylinder by a remotely positioned 3 way valve.
Note: The gun is almost identical in construction with GTi-A (e.g. GTI-A-122-14) and AGG-510 (e.g. AGG-510EXH-B), i.e. many common spare parts.


General purpose solvent based and waterborne coating materials, food and pharmaceutical processes

Service Manual

AGGS-522 Operation Manual (Source: Manualslib)