Devilbiss Cspray Paint Spray Gun

Devilbiss Cspray spray gun
Devilbiss CSpray Spray Gun (Pressure Feed)

Part No.: ADV-PCDT-10

ADVAdvance gun series
PPressure feed
CDT – (Critical Droplet atomisation Technology) air cap technology
10 – 1.0MM nozzle size

Technical Specifications

Air consumption: 540 lpm [19.1 cfm]
Air inlet pressure: 3.5 bar [50 psi]
Typical Fluid Flow: 200-500 cc/min
Typical Fan Width: 430 mm [17.9 inch]


Developed in close collaboration with leading paint manufacturers, this Devilbiss spray gun features CDT (Critical Droplet Atomisation Technology) air cap technology. According to the company, each CDT air cap is spray tested with paint in 12 different air cap angle positions and each position is then compared to a master spray pattern to ensure optimum performance in terms of fan size, fan shape, droplet distribution and spray fan concentricity.


Marine and Yacht applications, including single and 2 pack water or solvent based paints, high, medium and low solids, solid colour top coat and clear coat, metallic and pearlescent top coat, undercoat and primers, anti-foul paints.


Cspray Pressure Spray Gun Kit
ADV-PCDT-12 (1.2mm tip & CDT air cap)

Cspray Gravity Spray Gun Kit
(1.2mm tip & CDTG air cap)
(1.6mm tip & CDTG air cap)