Devilbiss JGX-502 Spray Gun

Spray Gun Devilbiss JGX-502

Devilbiss JGX-502 Air Spray Gun

Model: JGX-502-143-FF(G)

143 – air cap (e.g. 103,143 or 165)
FF – nozzle size (e.g. FF,FY,FF or DE)
G – feed type (G=Gravity, P=Pressure, S=Suction)

Technical Specification

Weight: 430g (gravity feed), 440g (suction feed)
Air Inlet : 1/4″ PF(BSP)
Fluid Inlet: 3/8″ PF(BSP)(Gravity Feed:1/4″ PF)

Fluid Tip/Nozzle

Range: 0.8-1.8mm
0.8mm GY
(JGX-4-GY / JGX-41-GX)
1.1mm FX
(JGX-401-FX / JGX-41-FX )
1.4mm FF
(JGX-401-FF / JGX-41-FF)
1.8mm EX (JGX-4-EX / JGX-41-EX)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: conventional air spray 
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Cap No. Order No. Air Flow (l/min) Spray Pattern (mm)
103 JGX-3-103 80 100
143 JGX-3-143 260 250
165 JGX-3-165 440 300


The JGX-502 air spray gun is a conventional air spray gun and an improved version of the JGX-501 and patterned after the popular JGA series. The gun is available in three types: gravity feed, suction feed, and pressure feed, in order to cover a wide range of applications. With all areas of the fluid passages made from stainless steel, the JGX-502 can be used with a wide range of paints, with the only exception being those of a highly corrosive and/or abrasive nature. The gun is suitable for both metallic and the Pearl Mica paints.

The JGX-502 air cap is retained onto the spray gun by a retaining ring made from lightweight and durable Delrin (an Acetal plastic material).  A special UHMW polyethylene seat built into the stainless steel fluid tip prevents fluid from leaking past the tip, and extends usable life of the fluid tip and needle. The alignment between the air cap and the fluid tip is maintained through the Devilbiss patented Ball & Cone principle.


Automotive refinishing, general purpose solvent based and waterborne coating materials

Service Manual

JGX-502 Operation Manual (please send us an email)

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