Air Operated Agitators – FREE Testing in Thailand

Agitators are used for paints, resins, chemicals and other fluids in various industries. The air-operated agitators are intrinsically safe (non sparking) mixing devices and herewith a cost-effective alternative to the electric-driven counterparts with costly explosion-proofed motors.

Our air agitators are direct driven by pneumatic air and can be accurately controlled in a range of 500-6,000 RPM (air motor: 1/3HP) and 300-3,000 RPM (air motor: 3/4HP) respectively. The low speed reduces material degradation to a minimum and improves quality of the stirred material. Larger agitators (up to 200 litres), larger air motors (e.g. 1.5HP or 4HP) and different designs (drum or pail mounted, c-clamp type, quick mixer, etc) are also available.

The agitators are equipped with strong and durable plastic impellers which are corrosion resistant and contribute further to the overall safety (non sparking). Shafts are made of stainless steel. All agitators come with a muffler for low-noise operation. But the best feature must be seen and lived: the very good workmanship and reliability. This is the main difference to the cheap and fragile units available in the market.

Be Convinced – FREE Testing

Our customers shall be convinced of the high quality of our air agitators. And therefore we invite you to test our agitators for FREE in your facility here in Thailand (sorry, no free testing outside Thailand). Available for testing are our agitator types 1AM-AG20 and 2AM-AG40. Length of testing and further details have to be discussed. Please contact us by email

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