Binks: new double diaphragm pump series

Binks extends and improves fluid delivery capability and capacity with the new Gemini II diaphragm pump for example, delivers 38% more fluid per stroke than

Gemini II Double Diaphragm Pump (photo: Finishing Brands)

previous 1” pump models, resulting in fewer cycles per minute, less equipment wear and maintenance and reduced energy costsThe 1:1 diaphragm pump’s gentle pumping action and low internal velocities does not shear sensitive coatings, and feature six new models including ½”, 1” and 1 ½”. In addition, the Gemini II has an all bolted construction and is seal-less. The pilot and main valve are easily accessible, and can be serviced while the pump is installed for reduced downtime and maintenance. The pump comes with an expanded 5 year warranty.

Main applications include adhesives, catalysed varnish, paints and coatings, resins, stains and solvents. For more information: [email protected]

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