Devilbiss Air Cap Selection Guide

Devilbiss Air Cap AV-1239-704

This is the ultimate and free Devilbiss Air Cap / Air Nozzle Selection Guide with over 100 different air caps from over 30 different Devilbiss spray gun models.

Devilbiss Air Nozzle MB-4039-69 (69HD)

Most of the air caps are listed with  Pressure Operating Range (both in BAR and PSI), Air Flow (LPM and SCFM) and Pattern Size (MM and Inch) and information whether the air cap is conventional, HVLP or TRANS-TECH. With the simple WINDOWS search function “Ctrl&F” you can search the spreadsheet after gun type or air cap number or part number. The guide includes the models MSA, SRI & SRI-PRO, JGA & JGA-HD, PRI & PRI-PRO, GTI & GTI-PRO, GFG & GFG-HD, FLG-5, EXL-502, Compact, Cobra, Viper, AGX & AGXV, AGMD, AGGS-522, Advance ADV, GTI-A, AGG-510, AGN-502, JGV & JGVH, AGF-506, EGA-502 and  JGX-502.

Devilbiss Air Cap Selection Guide

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The information are taken mainly from Devilbiss manuals. However, we cannot guarantee for the accuracy or are responsible for any mistakes/errors. This is a general guide only. If you want to use a specific air cap, please check the manual or contact us: [email protected]

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