Air Drum Mixer/Agitator 55 Gallon / 200 Liter – Closed Head

Bung Type Air Agitator

Air-operated bung agitator with collapsible impellers
foldable impeller in closed position

“closed position”

foldable impeller in running position

“running position”

Bung agitator mounted to 55 gallon drum

Part No.: 2AM-BG200

2AM – Air Motor 2AM
200 – 200 litre/55 gallon drum

Technical Specifications

Mounting: 2″ Bung Opening
200 litre/55 gallon (closed drum)
Viscosity (max.): 1,000 cps
Air Motor: pneumatic – Rotary Vane
Air Motor Model:
Air Motor Power: 0.56 kW [3/4 hp]
Recommended Speed: 300-3,000 RPM
Air Inlet Pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]
Air Inlet Size: 1/4″
Air Inlet Connection: Air Quick Coupler PMA-type (Male)
Air Regulator: included

Wetted Materials:
stainless steel
Impeller Diameter:
2 x 165 mm (2 x 6.5″) (expanded) 
Shaft Diameter: 16 mm 
Agitator Weight: 7 kg (15.5 lbs)

Alternative to:
Graco Agitator with Expanding Blades (model #24C729)


The 2AM-BG200 bung agitator (also called bung-entering agitator) is a removable agitator that is mounted at the standard 2″ bung opening of closed 200 litre/55 gallon drums. The angled mounting device reduces vortexing and allows for off-center mixing. This design provides a simple means of mounting smaller mixers onto tanks or drums with a bung hole in the cover. The agitator features collapsible (foldable)/expanding blades which allows the insertion and extraction through the standard 2-in bung opening. The working principle of the blades: centrifugal force causes the blades to open. The agitator can be easily customized by adjusting the blade height or by adding additional blades.


Agitator for closed-top standard 55 gallon drums (depending on the country also referred to 200 or 210 liter drums) with 2″ Bung opening in the cover. Low viscosity of the agitated material.


For medium viscosity of max. 2,000 cps the model 4AM-BG200 (1.5 hp/1.12 kW) can be offered.

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