Portable Air Agitator/Mixer “Quick-Mixer” 40 liter/10 gallon

Air Agitator 2AM-HDS40

Air Agitator 2AM-HDS40

Model: 2AM-HDS40

2AM – Air Motor 2AM
HDS40 – HDS (= HandHeld), 40 Liters [10 gallons]

Technical Specification

Design: with handle bar, air-operated (air motor), direct drive
Impeller: 1 x propeller, 3-blade, 126 mm [5 in]
Container Capacity:
40-80 liter
Motor Power:
3/4 HP [0.56kW]
300-3,000 RPM
Air Pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]


The 2AM-HDS40 is a portable, lightweight handheld air mixer (also called a “quick mixer”) with a very powerful air motor (3/4 HP vane motor). The handle allows for fatigue-free 2-handed operation, which is much easier to use than 1-handed pistol-grip air motor mixers, which are much heavier.


This explosion proof hand held agitator can be used for quick mixing/agitating of various liquids. The shaft is approximately 500 mm [20 inches] and therefore suitable for 20-100 liter [5.3-26.4 gallon] containers, depending on dimensions/design.

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