Air-Powered Agitator/Mixer 40 liter

Air Agitator 2AM-AG40

Air Agitator 2AM-AG40

Model: 2AM-AG40

2AM – Air Motor 2AM
AG40 – AG (= standard version), 40 Liter

Technical Specifications

Design: air-operated (air motor), direct drive
Impeller: 1 x propeller (3-blade, 126mm)
Container Capacity:
40-80 liter
Motor Power:
3/4 HP [0.56kW]
300-3,000 RPM
Air Pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 PSI]


The 2AM-AG40 has a light but very powerful 3/4HP air motor. This agitator is also the basic version for the handheld agitator 2AM-HDS40 (‘quick mixer’). If not used as a handheld mixer, the agitator can be connected to any customer flange, stand or tank via the round 44.4 mm round flange of the air motor (see drawing here).


This explosion-proof air agitator is used for the mixing/stirring of various fluids (40 to 80 liter).