Air Drum Mixer/Agitator 55 Gallon/200 Liter – Open Head with C-Clamp

C-Clamp Type Air Agitator 2AM-CL200

2AM-CL200 air agitator/mixer for 200 liter

Technical Specifications

Mounting: C-Clamp
200 liter/55 gallon (open drum)
Air Motor: pneumatic – Rotary Vane
Air Motor Model:
Air Motor Power:
 0.56 kW [3/4 hp]
Recommended Speed: 300-3,000 RPM
Air Inlet Pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]
Air Inlet Size: 1/4″
Air Inlet Connection: Air Quick Coupler PMA-type (Male)
Air Regulator: included
Impeller Design:
Paddle, 2-blade (aluminum)
Impeller Diameter: 2 x 180 mm (2 x 7.1 inch)
Shaft Diameter: 16 mm (stainless steel)
Agitator Weight: 5.5 kg (12.2 lbs)


The 2AM-CL200 Agitator/Mixer is a removable C-Clamp agitator that mounts on the rim of a standard open head 200 liter [55 gallon] steel drum. The angle of the shaft inside the drum is easily adjusted via a screw connection. The agitator can also be customized by adjusting the blade height of the impellers/blades. Several impeller designs and impeller materials are available.

Note: The 2AM-CL200 is an alternative to the C-Clamp model 2AM-GM200.


Open head agitator for standard 55 gallon steel drums (also referred to as 200 or 210 liter drums in some countries).


This model is also available with the following options

  • Model 4AM-CL200 (motor power: 1.5 hp/1.12 kW) for higher viscosity materials
  • Different impeller designs

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