Impellers for mixers and agitators

  • Impellers in different designs, including 3-blade propellers, high-shear impellers (dissolver discs) and inclined 2-blade impellers
  • Made from either stainless steel or thermoplastic
  • Used for air-operated agitators and mixers
Foldable/collapsible impeller - in open and closed position

Folding Impeller / Collapsible Blade
Model: TSP-2
Size: 165 mm [6.5 in] – stainless steel

propeller stainless steel

Propeller – stainless steel
Model: TSP 1
Size: 185 mm [7.3 in]

plastic propeller yellow

Propeller – plastic
Model: IM-96
Size: 96 mm [3.8 in]

high-shear impeller (dissolver)

High-Shear Impeller / Dissolver Disc
Model: SP-02
Size: 106 mm [4.2 in] – stainless steel

2-blade inclined impeller

Paddle Impeller 2-Blade
Model: IM 126
Size: 126 mm [5.0 in] – aluminium

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