Timmer 3:1 High Pressure Diaphragm Pump, 20 bar

air operated double diaphragm pump
Timmer air operated diaphragm pump (photo: Timmer)

Technical Specifications

Brand: Timmer
Model: PTI series
Delivery Pressure (max.): 20 bar
Capacity: 66 lpm
Ratio: 3.5 : 1
Body Material: Stainless Steel (316)
Diaphragm Material: TIM-Flex compact diaphragm
Material Temperature (max.): 65°C
Suction Height, Dry (max.): 4 m, self-priming
Operating Pressure: 1-8 bar


  • Start-up: reliable start-up (starts from 0.7 bar), no slow starting of pump necessary
  • Operation: suitable for dry running
  • Operation: very little pulsation (due to the very quick switching pneumatic valve)
  • Cleaning: low flushing pressure of 1 bar (high double stroke frequency up to 8 Hz)
  • Maintenance: quick and easy disassembly of the side covers


Paints, acids, bases, lacquers, solvents, adhesives, glue, sewage, diesel, heating oil


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