Diaphragm Pump 2 Inch Aluminum, Model DS20-AAT

Diaphragm pump 2 inch aluminum
Diaphragm Pump 2″ Aluminum

Technical Specifications

Size (Fluid Inlet & Outlet)2″ BSP (F)*
Type:Air-operated (AODD)
Body Material:Aluminum
Diaphragm Material:PTFE
Brand:DYI SHENG (Taiwan)
Air Inlet:1/2″ BSP (F)*
Flow Rate (max.):580 lpm [153.2 gpm]
Suction Lift (max.):6 m (wet) or 3.7 m (dry)
Particle Size (max.):⌀6.4-8 mm
Air Consumption (max.)3600 lpm [127 cfm]
Operating Temperature (max.):60°C [140°F]
Dimensions:see drawing
Weight:28 kg [61.7 lbs]
* British Standard Pipe Thread (Female)


Diaphragm Pump DS20-AAT dimensions


Paint, solvent, ink, glue, oil, toluene, xylene, mud, sludge, waste water


  • No-stall air valve design
  • CE, ATEX, and ISO9001 quality certifications
  • Dual diaphragm design: Inner Diaphragm (Supporting) and Outer Diaphragm on each side

Spare Parts/Accessories

(not included)

Outside Diaphragm (PTFE/TFM): PB000138
Inside Diaphragm: PD000083

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