Extrusion Drum Pump 55 Gallon – Air Operated

High Viscosity Drum Pump (pneumatic), Ram Unit

High viscosity air-powered drum pump (sealant pump) for the transfer of highly viscous and pasty materials of up to 100,000 centipoise from a 55 gallon drum. The system can be used as an automatic dosing system or for the manual application of high-viscosity materials.

Technical Specifications

Model: BD 960-581

Drum Extrusion Pump 55 gal (ratio 58:1, 350 bar)

Drum Extrusion Pump 55 gal (ratio 58:1, 350 bar)

Pressure Ratio: 58:1

Operating Air Pressure: 3-6 bar

Discharge Pressure (max.): 350 bar

Delivery (max.): 16 liter/min

Pump Speed (max.): 80 cycle/min

Flow Volume: 200 cc/cycle

Working Principle

  • air (pneumatic) driven
  • double-column (dual post) type


Highly viscous and pasty materials up to 100,000 centipoise such as insulation and sealing materials, highly viscous greases and lubricants, reactive adhesives, pasty printing inks


Bare pump only, pail extrusion cart type pumps (portable), change over systems, accessories, rams for pail & cart pumps

55 Gallon Drum Extrusion Pumps (double-column)

Pail Extrusion Pumps (double-column)

Pail Extrusion Pumps (single-column)

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