Binks 2100 Gun 67VT – 67PB (P) Spray Gun

Binks 2100 conventional spray gun
Binks 2100 Spray Gun 67VT – 67PB

Part Number: 2101-4909-5

2100 – Model Series
67VT – Nozzle (size 2.2 mm, Tungsten Carbide)
67PB – Air Cap Number
(P) – Pressure Feed


Ceramics and similar abrasive materials such as glazes, engobes, porcelain, enamels and zinc-rich coatings.

Binks 2100 Manual/Parts

Binks 2100 Spray Gun Manual (source: Manualibs)

Fluid Tip/Fluid Nozzle

Description: 67VT Fluid Nozzle PKGD
Size: 2.2mm [0.86 inch]
Part No.: 45-6702

Fluid Needle

Description: 67VT Needle Valve Pk Gd
Part No.: 47-56702

Air Cap/Air Nozzle

Description: 67PB
Part No.: 46-6026

Air Cap ModelAir Flow/Consumption (lpm/scfm)Pattern Size (mm/inch)
67PB540/19.1 305/12.0
@70 PSI / 4.8 BAR


The Binks 2100 spray gun is the successor to the popular Binks 2001 spray gun. With nozzles available from 0.7 to 7.1 mm (0.03-0.28 inches), the Binks 2100 spray gun offers the widest range of nozzle sizes on the market. In addition to standard stainless steel nozzles and tips, some sizes are available in tungsten carbide for spraying abrasive coatings such as ceramics and enamel.

Note: The Binks 2100 spray gun (with 67VT – 67PB setup) is probably the most widely used sanitary spray gun in the world.

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