Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite Spray Gun – Pressure/Suction Feed

Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite spray guns, pressure/suction feed

Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite spray gun, pressure/suction feed

Part No.: PROPL-TE30-12

P – Feed Type (S=Suction, P=Pressure)
– Air Cap (e.g. TE20, TE30, etc..)
12 – Nozzle Size (e.g. 12=1.2 mm)

Fluid Nozzle/Needle

Range: 0.85-2.0 mm
0.85 mm (PRO-205-085-K / PRO-320-085-10-K)
1.0 mm
(PRO-205-10-K / PRO-320-085-10-K)
1.2 mm
(PRO-205-12-K / PRO-320-12-14-K)
1.4 mm (PRO-205-14-K / PRO-320-12-14-K)
1.6 mm
(PRO-200-16-K / PRO-325-K)
1.8 mm
(PRO-200-18-K / PRO-325-K)
2.0 mm
(PRO-200-20-K / PRO-325-K)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: HVLP, High Efficiency EPA compliant
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Cap No. Order No. Technology Air Flow (l/min)
 HV30  PRO-102-HV30-K  HVLP  465
 TE10  PRO-102-TE10-K  High Efficiency  275
 TE20  PRO-102-TE20-K  High Efficiency  350
 TE30 (pressure only)  PRO-102-TE30-K  High Efficiency  300
 TE40 (pressure only)  PRO-102-TE30-K  High Efficiency  365


Weight: 500 g (gun only)
Air Supply Connection: Universal 1/4″ (fits 1/4″ BSP and 1/4″ NPS)
Fluid Supply Connection (suction/pressure feed): 3/8″ BSP


The Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite is a lightweight industrial spray gun available with either High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) technology or High Efficiency EPA compliant technology. The gun uses a wide range of new air caps and fluid tips (available from 0.85-2.0 mm) to provide very good atomization for most types of industrial solvent-based and water-based coatings. The fluid tips and needles are available in stainless steel, hardened steel and tungsten carbide. The gun also features a coaxial trigger air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow.

Note: A very useful little feature is the “universal” thread for air, i.e. the thread is suitable for both BSP and NPS connectors.


Paints, dyes, stains, glazes and lacquers in wood, metal, plastic and other industrial applications.

Service Manual

GTi Pro Lite Operation Manual (source: manualzz)