Devilbiss GTi Pro Gravity Spray Gun

Devilbiss GTi Pro spray gun

Devilbiss GTi Pro spray gun

Model: GTIPRO-H1B-13

H1 – Air Cap (e.g. H1, T1 or T2)
B – Type (B=base coat, C=clear coat)
13– Nozzle (e.g. 12, 13 or 14)


Nozzle Range: 1.2-1.4mm
(PRO-200-12-K / PRO-300-K)
(PRO-200-13-K / PRO-300-K)
(PRO-200-14-K / PRO-300-K)

Air Cap

 Air Cap  Specification
 H1  Atomization: HVLP
Part No.: PRO-100-H1-K
Air Consumption: 450 l/min
 T1  Atomization: Trans-Tech
Part No.: PRO-100-T1-K
Air Consumption: 280 l/min
 T2  Atomization: Trans-Tech
Part No.: PRO-100-T2-K
Air Consumption: 350 l/min

Technical Specification

Gun Weight: 778 g
Air Connection: 1/4″ (BSP)


automotive refinishing


The GTi-Pro spray gun is available in the so-called BASE and CLEAR version (also inscribed on the spray gun). This labeling simply identifies the spray gun for base coat and the spray gun for clear coat in case several spray guns are used in the paint shop. Actually the design of BASE version and CLEAR version is the same. The GTi-Pro spray gun is made in the UK.


Manual GTI-PRO (source: Carlisleft)

Video – Devilbiss GTi Pro

UPDATE: The Devilbiss GTi Pro is no longer available and replaced by Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite