Devilbiss PROLite E Spray Gun (Pressure Feed)

– Ceramic & Enamel Spray Gun –

Devilbiss PROLiteE spray gun
Devilbiss PROLiteE Spray Gun (Pressure Feed)

Part No.: PROLT-EC64-22C

PROLT – Spray Gun Series
Enhanced Version (Ceramic & Enamel)
C64 – air cap (e.g. C64, C62, etc..)
22 – nozzle size (e.g. 22=2.2 mm)

Technical Specifications

Fluid Nozzle Range: 0.5-2.8 mm
Atomization Technique: Conventional
Gun Weight (with cup): 500 g [xxx oz]
Fluid Supply Connection: 3/8″ Universal*
Air Supply Connection: 1/4″ Universal*
(* fits BSP and NPS standard)

Air Cap Overview

Air Cap Part No. Atomization Air Consumption Air Inlet Pressure recommended
Fan Pattern Size (max.)
C62 PROC-120-C62-K Conventional 430 lpm [15.2 cfm] 3.0 bar [45 psi] 490mm
C64 PROC-120-C64-K Conventional 400 lpm [14.1 cfm] 3.0 bar [45 psi] 430 mm
C67 PROC-120-C67-K Conventional 425 lpm [15.0 cfm] 3.0 bar [45 psi] 500 mm


The Devilbiss PROLite E is designed for heavy-duty spray finishing and surface coating applications in the ceramic and vitreous enamel markets.
The gun has the same design as the standard PROLite models, but with the following additional features:

  • Needle packing: It is equipped with a special abrasion resistant needle packing to withstand the aggressive action of the ceramic coating on the sliding needle shaft.
  • Fluid Nozzles/Needles: Available in either stainless steel, nitride hardened or tungsten carbide.
  • Increased passageways: Increased diameter fluid passageways (stainless steel) allow fluid flow up to 3.5 liters per minute with heavy ceramic glaze


Ceramics and vitreous enamels in ceramics and sanitary ware

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