Devilbiss SRi Pro Lite Paint Spray Gun

Devilbiss SRi-Pro Lite spray gun

Devilbiss SRi-Pro Lite Spray Gun (gravity feed)

Part No.: SRIPROL-TE5-08

TE5 – air cap (e.g. etc..)
08 – nozzle size (e.g. 08=0.8 mm)

Technical Specifications

Weight (gun only): 395 g [14.0 oz.]
Weight (with cup): 455 g [16.0 oz.]
Cup Capacity: 125 ml [4.2 oz.]
Air Supply Connection: Universal 1/4″ (fits 1/4″ BSP and 1/4″ NPS)

Fluid Nozzle/Needle

Range: 0.6-1.4 mm
0.6mm (SRIPRO-210-06M-K / SRIPRO-310-06M-K)
(SRIPRO-200-08-K / SRIPRO-300-08-10-K)
(SRIPRO-200-10-K / SRIPRO-300-08-10-K)
1.2mm (SRIPRO-200-12-K / SRIPRO-300-12-14-K)
(SRIPRO-200-14-K / SRIPRO-300-12-14-K)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: HVLP, High Efficiency EPA compliant
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

 Air Cap No.  Order No.  Technology  Air Flow
 Pattern Size*
 HV5  SRIPRO-102-HV5-K  HVLP  135 lpm [4.8 cfm]  160 mm [6.3 in]
 TE5  SRIPRO-102-TE5-K  High Efficiency  100 lpm [3.5 cfm]  180 mm [7.1 in]
RS1  SRIPRO-102-RS1-K  Round Spray  55 lpm [1.9 cfm]  50 mm [2.0 in]
 MC1 (SRi-Pro Micro only)  SRIPRO-102-MC1-K  High Efficiency  50 lpm [1.8 cfm]  60 mm [2.4 in]

* Fan pattern size @ 50-100 mm distance


The new SRI Pro Lite, as the name suggests, is now 45 grams lighter than its predecessor making it more comfortable to operate. The spray gun comes with a range of new air caps with the TE5 replacing the TS1 and the HV5 replacing the HS1. Also new is the 0.6mm nozzle size. The gun is designed with EPA compliant, high efficiency or HVLP technology.

Note: A very useful little feature is the “universal” threads for air, i.e. the threads are suitable for both BSP and NPS connections.


Automotive touch-up, micro repairs