Widoberg Spray Gun for Liquid Buffing and Polishing Compounds

Widoberg Spray Gun for Liquid Compounds

Widoberg Spray Gun for Liquid Compounds

Widoberg High-Pressure Spray Guns (SYNO: High-Pressure Dispensing Guns, Compound Spray Guns) are used for the intermittent spraying of liquid polishing and buffing compounds in polishing and grinding machines.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Widoberg
Spray Volume:
0.2 and 3 cm3 (HDP-II)
0.2 and 6 cm3 (WIDO-SPRAY)
Air Pressure: 3.5-6.2 bar [75-90 psi]

Working Principle

Using regular compressed air (3.5-6.2 bar/75-90 psi), the spray gun generates a high pressure inside the spray gun housing. When the pressure is built up to maximum capacity, the compound is sprayed through a needle valve onto the buffing wheel at intervals (intermittently) and at high pressure of 30 to 40 bar [435-580 psi]. The extremely high velocities are strong enough to break through any wind barriers created by the rotating buff. Unlike conventional low pressure spray guns, there is no “choking” and a much cleaner working environment as the liquid compound is sprayed onto the brush at very high speed. The guns are used worldwide by manufacturers to polish stainless steel and metal parts.


The spray gun is used to spray liquid buffing compounds and emulsions, incl. highly abrasive materials, on stainless steel and other metal surfaces.

FAQ – High pressure spray guns for liquid (buffing) compound

  • How does the Widoberg liquid polishing gun work?
    The Widoberg liquid buffing compound spray gun is a high pressure spray gun for intermittent spraying of liquid polishing compounds (buffing compounds). The polishing compound or liquid polishing emulsion is sprayed at high speed onto a rotating polishing disc/brush which polishes the item. They are suitable for abrasive and aggressive materials and other medium to high viscosity materials.

  • What is the difference between the Widospray” and HDP-II” models?
    Both models are high pressure spray guns for intermittent spraying of liquid polishing compounds. The ‘HDP-II’ has a spray volume of 0.2 and 3 cm3 while the ‘Widospray’ has a spray volume of 0.2 and 6 cm3. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, the two different models can be used as follows:
    Polishing Disc < 500 mm then ‘HDP-II’
    Polishing Disc > 500 mm then ‘Widospray’


  • Different types of nozzles with different angles are available to suit different buffing wheel sizes.
  • WIDO-CONTROL I: device that monitors the gun’s operating functions and checks that pressure has been built up or that the spraying process has been initiated (‘Widospray’ only).
  • Accessories: solenoid valves, gun mountings, fluid feed pumps, pressure tanks, fluid hoses.

Video – Working Principle of Widoberg Spray Gun

VIDEO: How the Widoberg spray gun works.