Devilbiss Fluid Tip Size and Nozzle Chart

This Devilbiss Fluid Tip (SYNO: ‘Fluid Nozzle’) chart helps to identify the different nozzle sizes for Devilbiss spray guns. Especially for older spray guns, Devilbiss uses a type of code to determine the size of nozzles, tips and needles.

How to identify Devilbiss nozzles and needles?

The nozzles and needles of older Devilbiss spray guns have letters and numbers stamped on them. However, the code does not immediately indicate the size.

Example: ‘AV-650-EX’

AV – Tip Model Series (e.g. ‘AV’ fluid tips are used in older JGA, MSA and MBC spray guns)
650 – Tip Material (e.g. ‘650’ is standard Stainless Steel, while ‘617’ would indicate Carbolloy)
EX – Tip Size (e.g. ‘EX’ stands for 1.8 mm)

The three part code above was printed on older Devilbiss spray guns. However, only the last part of the code, indicating the tip size, was standardized and used on all models. For example, the code “AV-650-EX” or “AV-601-EX” always indicates that the fluid tip size is 1.8 mm [0.070 in]. Later, Devilbiss began stamping the size on the nozzle in millimeters and inches, e.g. ‘AV-1915-FF-1.4 055’. And the latest Devilbiss spray guns, including the Devilbiss GTI-PRO Lite and DV1, no longer use the tip size code and show the size directly in millimeters or inches (or both).

Devilbiss Nozzle (Tip) Chart Sizes

LetterNozzle Size (milimeter)Nozzle Size (inch)
‘G’0.8 mm (0.7 mm)0.031 (0.028) in
‘GX’0.9 mm0.035 in
‘FX’1.1 mm0.042 in
‘FZ’1.2 mm0.047 in
‘FJ’1.3 mm0.051 in
‘FF’1.4 mm0.055 in
‘FW’1.6 mm0.063 in
‘E’ or ‘EE’ or ‘EX’1.8 mm0.070 in
‘DE’2.0 mm0.079 in
‘D’2.2 mm0.086 in
‘AC’2.8 mm0.110 in

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