Pressure Tank Operating Instructions

Models AT-10HT, AT-20H, AT-40A

– Applicable to the AT series of pressure tanks
– Do not exceed the maximum allowable pressure.
– Do not fill the container to the top (maximum 80% of container height)
– Do not make modifications to the tank (such as e.g. drilling, welding, etc.). This will weaken the overall structure and can lead to explosion.
–  To ensure safety, consult the manual of the pressure tank. Persons who operate the pressure tank shall be well trained.

A) Opening & Closing of Pressure Tank

Do not open the lid if the container is under pressure (the pressure gauge must be in zero position). If pressurized, turn and open the pressure release valve first. Make also sure that the material temperature is below 40° C.

Pressure tank Opening-Sequence
First, loosen the wing nuts according to Opening Sequence and open the lid carefully to make sure that there is no residual pressure left in the tank. Then loosen all wing nuts further and remove the lid assembly from the tank.

Pour the material being sprayed directly into the pressure tank or into the stainless steel liner.

pressure tank Tighten-Sequence
Close the lid and tighten the wing nuts in the right Tightening Sequence.

B) Installation & Operation

First, make sure that the lid is closed properly, and that all ball valves (air and fluid) and regulators of the pressure tank are closed.

pressure tank air_hose_to_air_inletpressure tank air_oulet_to_gun_air_inletPressure tank air_valvepressure tank fluid_outlet_to_gun_fluid_inlet
Connect the air supply hose to the air inlet. (Note: An Air Filter is recommended to be installed between this hose and the air inlet to remove dirt, entrained water or oil from the the compressed air)
Connect the air atomizing hose of spray gun with the air outlet of the tank.
(if agitator is used)
Open slowly the air valve to the air motor and set the right speed required to agitate the material.
Connect the material hose of spray gun with the material outlet of the tank.
pressure tank ball_valve_to_main_regulatorpressure tank main_pressure_regulatorpressure tank air_valve_outlet2pressure tank air_outlet_ball_valve
Open the ball valve (air inlet) above the main air pressure regulator.
Open carefully the main pressure regulator and set the proper working pressure (Note: do not exceed the maximum allowable pressure)  
Open the ball valve (air outlet)
Open the ball valve (fluid outlet)

– Atomizing air for the spray gun can be adjusted by means of a gun-mounted air regulator, or by means of an additional air regulator kit mounted on the tank (Option).
– Operate your spray gun according to the pressure recommendations of the spray gun manufacturers.