Krautzberger MC 2 automatic spray gun for difficult-to-spray coatings

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Krautzberger has introduced the needle-less automatic spray gun MC 2 for paints and coatings that are difficult to apply due to large particles and/or low flow rates.

Krautzberger Automatic spray gun model MC2
Krautzberger Automatic spray gun MC2

The spray gun is designed for the continuous spraying in in-line systems and can be fed either via pump or pressure tank. The material flow (start and stop of material flow) is also controlled via these corresponding feeding devices. The internal material flow channel is made of stainless steel and free of undercuts. As a result, possible material build-up is prevented and very good rinsing capability is ensured. Paints and coatings with larger particles can be applied.

The spray gun also features fewer wear parts (e.g. no seal pack) and main elements with special hard coat surface (Comp-Coat) which further protect the gun and allows easier cleaning. The coating is atomized with the proprietary XLINE air nozzle range. The spray pattern can be to adjusted accurately (exactly as with the Krautzberger M 18 spray gun).

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