Airbrushes for Industrial Applications

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The Giant-500 airbrush system of B.S.C. Teknik is ideal for component spraying and small batch production in rough industrial environments. This lightweight, rugged and portable system consists of a 2-Quart pressure pot, PU air and fluid hoses (each 1.5m) and an airbrush from the Giant series.

Giant-500 airbrush setThe Giant airbrush features a self-centering stainless steel nozzle. The nozzle cap with multiple holes provides exceptional atomization and fine line effects. The Giant 500 Airbrush with air control valve on airbrush body enables users to control the air flow by adjusting the knob which is suitable for mini or heavy duty air compressors (5 psi to 100 psi).

This airbrush is designed to spray various paint media, such as acrylic and high viscosity resin paint and very suitable for spraying industrial components, buses, trucks and vans.

Beside industrial applications, B.S.C. Teknik does also supply airbrushes for artistic applications ( incl. tanning, nailart and makeup). Please contact us for further details: [email protected]