How to spray MEKP catalyst in polyester applications?

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Binks Mach 1PC spray gun for plural component catalyst injection

The Binks Mach 1PC HVLP spray gun is an air spray gun for plural component catalyst injection, i.e. MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide), or other catalyst, is injected into the stream of the main coating material. MEKP is widely used in the composites industry for polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is an organic peroxide that reacts with the resin (main coating material) to turn it from a liquid to a solid state.

Binks Mach 1PC plural component spray gun

Binks Mach 1PC Plural Component Spray Gun

The design of the Binks Mach 1PC

A specially designed catalyst injector device is integrated to the HVLP spray gun to inject MEKP or other catalyst into the stream of coating material.

How it works?

The catalyst is injected immediately after the coating exits the fluid nozzle for an even distribution across the pattern.In addition, the air inlet passage in the gun body incorporates a venturi which limits airflow. High pressure airflow is converted to low pressure at this point. Special air cap and fluid nozzles enable the gun to atomize fluid at low air pressures and velocities, creating the ‘soft spray’ effect for high transfer efficiencies.

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