Overview: Fluid Filters in Spray Painting Systems

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In order to protect against costly paint defects and to get the best possible spray painting results, it is recommended to use fluid filters (paint filters) to eliminate foreign objects, inclusions, dirt and impurities from the paint. The type of filter mainly depends on the used spray painting system. i.e. whether gravity or pressure feed. Here an overview:

Cup Strainers

  • Fits all spray gun cups
  • Re‐Usable
Cup Strainers

Cup Strainers, re-usable (source: Finishingbrands)

Model: 81-81 (145 wire mesh), 81‐83 (100 wire mesh), 81‐84 (80 wire mesh)

Cup Filter

  • Located between cup and spray gun
  • Re‐Usable
Cup Filter, re-usable

Cup Filter, re-usable

Model” KGP-5

Pressure Pot / Tank Strainers

  • Disposable, drop‐in quick screen
  • Saves time over current methods of straining paint
Pressure Pot / Tank Strainers

Pressure Pot / Tank Strainers (source: Finishingbrands)

Model: PTS‐2GAL-K20‐40 (10 ltr tank, 400 micron), PTS‐5GAL- K20‐40 (30 ltr tank, 400 micron)

Gun Mounted Paint Filter

  • Directly mounted at fluid inlet of spray gun
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Suitable for solvent and waterborne paints and materials

Model: VSA‐512 (available element sizes: 60, 112, 280 micron)

Paint Filter Housing (single cartridge)

  • Ideal for low pressure pumps
  • Helps eliminate fluid pulsation
  • Filters material at fluid outlet, 40 mesh filter
  • Suitable for solvent base and waterborne materials
Paint Filter Housing, single cartridge

Paint Filter Housing, single cartridge

Model: 135‐80 (40 mesh)

Fluid Strainer

  • Fits directly onto Pressure Tank or Pump outlet\
  • Brass/Nickel plated construction with nut and tail piece for easy connection
  • 150 micron nylon conical filter element
Fluid Strainer (source: Finishingbrands)

Fluid Strainer (source: Finishingbrands)

Model:VS‐522 (150 micron)