Energy Savings and Reduced Material Consumption

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Reduced Energy and Material Consumption in Compressed Air Installations

The Air Matic system of company ENSUTEC Products GmbH (Germany) is a newly developed and patented technology for compressed air installations that leads to energy savings, improved material efficiency and less overspray. It can be easily integrated into existing facilities such as paint shops or spray booth.

The Process: Cleaning – Ionizing – Heating

The Air Matic process includes the cleaning, ionizing and heating of the compressed air. The employment of 2-3 filter elements leads to clean compressed air that meets highest air purity standards (e.g. ISO 8573-1, category 1), and even surpasses strict standards when it comes to oil vapour- and oil dust filtering.

Spray booth with Air Matic technology

The high-purity compressed air can be variable adjusted to the optimal temperature in a range of 0-140° Celsius. The elevated temperature, in connection with the static discharged air, relaxes the paint much better, allows finer atomization and improved transfer efficiency in spray coating applications such as wet painting (solvent based, water based), adhesive spraying (incl. hot wax), mould making and other manual and automated applications. The system works well in connection with conventional spray guns, HVLP guns, Air Mix-technology, flat-coaters and robot facilities.

Improved Quality – Less Overspray

The Air Matic system amortises very fast, mainly due to improved parts quality. The very fine atomization and high-purity of compressed air reduces possible reworks like grinding, polishing etc. Another advantage is overspray reduction: the gentle coating with higher transfer efficiency is able to save over 10% coating material. The advantages at a glance:

Quality: finer atomization, a more even, softer spray pattern

Air Matic 3000W with Cefla flat-coater

Energy: reduction of compressed air consumption (10-30%), reduction of atomization pressure, reduction of drying time

Material: less overspray and higher transfer efficiency leads to less material consumption (10-20%) and less thinner consumption (30-60%)

Technology: no formation of condensate, constant air temperature, no additional filter elements required.

The Air Matic system is compact, available in three different sizes (500W, 1500W and 3000W) and can be easily integrated into existing facilities. It is almost maintenance-free, only filters should be changed at given time. For more information contact us: [email protected]

spray booth.