Filtering, Ionizing and Warming Up of Compressed Air

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–          Dust-free Painting for highest Quality – Fewer Rejects

–          Higher Transfer Efficiency – 25% paint savings

The AirMatic device, a newly developed system from Germany, conditions the compressed air used in industrial spray coating applications. The AirMatic filters, ionizes and warms up the compressed air. This leads to higher transfer efficiency and paint savings of up to 25%. In addition, the surface quality improves significantly due to the filtered and ionized air, leading to fewer rejects and less scrap.

Application Example: “Automotive Parts”

A German automotive supplier of painted exterior parts saves about 20% paint. When painting PS (Polystyrene) parts, the electric surface charge and contamination decreases significantly. Also when spraying clear coat, the contamination is extremely reduced, as well as overspray and paint consumption. Another supplier uses the AirMatic for the coating of different synthetic components for automotive interior and exterior. Overspray was reduced to a minimum, paint consumption could be reduced by 15%-25% (depending on the part), while also the compressed air consumption could be reduced up to 40%. The reject rate and need for retouching was also reduced by up to 50%.

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