Pneumatically operated material regulator for spray coating applications

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Krautzberger pressure regulator which is manually operated

Krautzberger material regulator, manually operated

Krautzberger ( offers one of the widest range of material pressure and back-pressure regulators for spray coating applications. The regulators can be adjusted with a high precision of 0.1 bar and are either manually or pneumatically operated.

For instance, the MDR-35B of Krautzberger is a pneumatically activated material pressure regulator for setting constant pressures in pressurized supply lines. In contrast to most other pneumatic regulators, this regulator is adjustable. The main fields of application are delivery and recirculating systems for coating materials. The regulator is typically installed between a pressure-generating device (e.g. diaphragm pump or pressure tank) and the spray gun. Due to the dead-space-reduced block design without screw joints, the regulator is easy to flush and also suitable for quickly adhering materials.

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