Robot Changing System: one robot operates several spray guns

The new Robot Changing System KRWS of Krautzberger GmbH ( allows the automatic coating and painting of parts with different spray patterns and spray gun extensions, and the easy changing of fluids and colours.

Robot Changing System KRWS of Krautzberger (photo: Krautzberger)

How it works: the different automatic spray guns of type RWA1 are located and precisely positioned in a changing/docking station. The robot, equipped with a spray gun quick-change system and controlled by the master control, picks up the required spray gun from this changing station and sprays the particular coating to the part. The fluid supply to the spray guns can be realized either by directly attached cups (for small amounts), external pressure tanks or pumps. In case of external fluid supply, there is the possibility of a circulation system.
With this system, different spray guns equipped with a wide range of set-ups (nozzles/needles sizes, air caps, option of nozzle extensions) can be operated. As one robot allows multiple media changes, this system allows the complete coating of even complex parts. It is also very suitable for small batch production and for smallest amounts of paint (if material cup is mounted directly to the spray gun).

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