Spray devices for the inner coating of steel pipes

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The inner coating of steel pipes for gas, oil, portable water, raw water, process water, sewage, and wastewater is a common and established process. The purpose of PIP 250 (ID 250-750mm)coating can be divided into two types: anti-corrosion and drag reduction. Anti-corrosion inner coatings extend the service life of the pipe. And the inner coating for drag-reduction purposes is used to improve the flow efficiency of the transported medium. Additional benefits of using internal flow coatings include improved pigging conditions and enhanced conditions for visual inspection of the internal surface.

After cleaning and preparation of the internal surface epoxy coatings or two component polyurethanes (PU) linings can be applied to the inner surface by means of airless equipment and special-designed fluid tips. Usually the thickness of such an internal coating system varies from 60 to 100 µm for conducting gas and from 200 to 500 µm for water and or other liquids.

The company B.S.C. Teknik Co.,Ltd. supplies airless equipment, such as high-pressure piston pumps and spray guns, and a range of high-performance fluid tip spray devices for the coating of the inner surface. Three types are available: PIP100 (ID 100-250mm), PIP250 (ID 250-750mm) and PIP300 (300-900mm). For more information contact B.S.C. Teknik by email: [email protected]