Tips of the week: from air hose size to mixing of two component materials

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Since the introduction of the first cold water paint spray system in the year 1892, the company Binks has continuously introduced new products and services in the field of spray coating, from HVLP spray guns and airless spray systems to the latest pump technologies (incl. diaphragm pumps and horizontal piston pumps).  The company has always put a special focus on customer service, and the website is an important part of it containing information on new product developments, service instructions, operator manuals and also a “Tip of the week” category. This popular category contains tips and information on topics such as:

What is the difference between Conventional, HVLP, Turbine HVLP and Trans-Tech (LVMP) technologies?

How do I get the pump to prime, especially first thing in the morning after it’s been sitting all night?

What size air hose should I use for my spray gun?

What is the minimum velocity of paint in a circulating system?

What is the difference between a valve and a regulator?

What causes excessive pressure drop on the main line gauge of the filter/regulator?

What are my options for mixing two component materials?

How does heat relate to viscosity in a coating?

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