Why radial piston motors tend to vibrate?

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New-designed geared piston air motors run vibration-free even at high motor speeds

The Armak geared piston air motors of the AGP series address one of the major drawbacks of common radial piston motors: vibrations caused by complicated air flow and valving. In

comparison between Armak motor and radial piston motor

Comparison between Radial Piston Motor (yellow) and Armak Motor (grey). Smoother surfaces – less volume – less weight of the Armak Motor

contrast, the design of the AGP series allows a direct air flow through the air motor leading to much smoother running characteristics and vibration-free operation even at high motor speeds. The near frictionless torque producing motor parts ensure minimal wear and extended service life. And the completely enclosed motor casing guarantees that no internal corrosion of the motor in wet surroundings takes place. The geared piston motors can be supplied in the range from 2-16 kW. More information: click here