Devilbiss JGA-558 Spray Gun (Pressure Feed)

Devillbiss JGA-558 Pressure Feed Spray Gun

Devillbiss JGA-558 Pressure Feed Spray Gun

Part No.: JGA-558AC-62HD

JGA-558 – spray gun model 
AC –
nozzle size (e.g. AC=2.8 mm)
62HD – air cap (e.g. 62HD, 64HD etc..)

Fluid Nozzle/Needle

Material: stainless steel
Range: 1.8-2.8 mm
1.8 mm (“E” marking): AV-645-E / JGA-421-E-K
2.2 mm (“D” marking): AV-645-D / JGA-421-DEX-K
2.8 mm (“AC” marking): AV-645-AC / JGA-421-C-K
(see also the Devilbiss Code)

Air Cap

Atomization Technique: conventional
Air consumption: see chart
Air Cap Selection Guide:
see chart

Air Cap No.Order No.Atomizing TechnologyAir Flow
62MB-4039-62HDconventional502 lpm [17.7 cfm]
64MB-4039-64HDconventional488 lpm [17.2 cfm]
67MB-4039-67HDconventional539 lpm [19.0 cfm]


Weight: 645 g [22.8 oz]
Gun Body: Aluminium (polished)
Air Supply Connection: 1/4″ BSP/NPS
Fluid Supply Conncetion: 3/8″ BSP/NPS


Industrial finishing in connection with a pressure tank


The Devilbiss JGA-558 Pressure Feed Spray Gun Kit is suitable for use with a wide range of paints, varnishes, stains, glazes and lacquers. The material passages are manufactured from high grade stainless steel to handle a wide range of coating materials. Nozzles and needles are available in high grade stainless steel. The “Universal” threads for air and fluid are suitable for both BSP and NPS connectors.

Service Manual

Devilbiss JGA-558 Operation Manual (*.pdf, source: Carlisle Fluid Technologies)

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