Air Powered Extrusion Pump

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The new extrusion pumps are designed to dispense single-component high viscous materials, such as sealants and adhesives, from pails and drums to

Air Powered Extrusion Pump

dispensing systems. Depending on the type of fluid and the specific application, pumps for 20 to 200 litres with ratios of 40:1 to 58:1 (240 to 350 bar) are available. The air driven pumps come in single and dual post design and are suitable to convey materials of up to 100,000 centipoise (in case of less than 100,000 centipoises an inductor type pump can be employed). All pumps can be supplied with a stainless steel hydraulic device as an option.

The systems are suited for applications in a variety of industries, including automotive, building construction, agricultural, recreational vehicles, solar energy, trains and railway, appliance and household goods, marine, and building and earth-moving equipment.

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