Devilbiss JGX-502: the automotive refinishing spray gun

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Why is the Devilbiss JGX-502 still so popular?

The Devilbiss JGX-502 is a conventional spray gun, the successor of the JGX-501 and patterned after the popular Devilbiss JGA series. This spray gun may not be the newest model of the Devilbiss family, but still one of the most popular when it comes to automotive refinishing and general industrial applications.

  • All areas of the fluid passages are made from stainless steel, i.e. suitable for waterborne paints.
  • Lightweight design: only 430g (gravity feed)
  • Low maintenance: a special UHMW ethylene seat built into the stainless steel fluid tip prevents fluid from leaking past the tip. In addition a two-piece combination needle packing design (less frequent packing adjustment is required)
  • Excellent Atomization: through Unique Air Cap design (Devilbiss patented Ball & Cone principle)
  • Incorporated Air Adjustment: an air adjustment valve is positioned at the air inlet.
  • PRICE: the price is very competitive (compared to Iwata, Sharpe-Graco and other manufacturers).
Devilbiss JGX-502 Spray Gun

Devilbiss JGX-502 Spray Gun

The gun is available in three types: gravity feed, suction feed, and pressure feed in order to cover a wide range of coating applications (also others than automotive). Nozzles are available from 0.8mm to 1.8mm, and three different air caps are available: the red-coloured No. 103 (pattern width 100 mm), silver No. 143 (250mm) and blue No. 165 (300mm). One of the most popular set-ups for automotive refinishing is the No. 143 air cap (JGX-3-143) in combination with 1.4mm fluid tip (JGX-401-FF) and fluid needle (JGX-41-FF), which is then called JGX-502-143-FF (G).

Technical data sheet: JGX-502

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