Krautzberger: 2-component spraying in HVLP

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The German company Krautzberger supplies a wide range of hand-held spray guns and automatic spray guns, with a focus on special applications.

Krautzberger HS 25 2K, 2-component spray gun

The HS 25 2K spray gun of Krautzberger, for instance, is specially designed for the spraying of 2-component dispersion adhesives. The main component is fed via a material hose through the bottom fluid inlet of the gun and can be atomized by using either conventional or HVLP atomizing technology. The second component (e.g. activator) is sprayed via an additional atomization system mounted on the side of the gun. The two components are then mixed in the spray jet to prevent early chemical reaction. There is no need to constantly mix the components and there are no predetermined cleaning intervals, i.e. the spray gun is cleaned after use in the same way as a standard spray gun. All “wetted parts”, coming into contact with the coating material, are made of high-grade stainless steel. For more information: [email protected]

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