Glass Bead Dispensing and Line Striping Guns

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Line striping guns are used to apply materials such as common traffic paints and architectural coatings to parking lots, schools and park departments. In the field of line striping the company Binks has been leading with different spray gun models since years.

The Model 30 Bead Gun (Part Number: 6279) is made for laying out glass bead during the line striping operation. The gun is able to spread glass beads at a rate of 9

Binks Model 30 Bead Gun (photo: Binks)

kg (20 lbs) per minute. It can be used on both hand line stripers or moving trucks. The gun is furnished with 4 nozzle inserts with orifice diameters of 5.6mm (7/32″), 6.3mm (1/4″), 7.1mm (9/32″) and 8.7mm (11/32″).

Another line striping gun of Binks is the legendary Model 21M (Part Number: 6219), a heavy duty, pneumatically operated gun for spraying

Binks Model 21M Spray Gun (photo: Binks)

all conventional coatings and designed for extremely viscous materials. This internal mix spray gun has a drop-forged, brass plated body and adjustable stainless steel fluid needle. It has an adjustable spray pattern control at the side of the gun head and features quick flush of air and fluid nozzle. The Model 21M can be remotely controlled with a three-way valve and can cycle up to 250 times per minute.

Binks Model 33SS (photo: Binks)

The Binks Model 33SS (Part Number: 6290) is also a heavy duty, high volume gun for use on automatic road striping machines. It can be used in connection with vehicle speeds of 34 to 40 km/h (15 to 25 m.p.h.). The gun features a stainless steel fluid needle valve and hardened steel fluid nozzle, with optional nitralloy, hardened steel or tungsten carbide air nozzles.

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