Devilbiss DA-300: the LVMP Automatic Spray Gun

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The automatic spray gun DA-300 of Devilbiss is the successor of the popular DA-100 which is not available anymore. The main difference is that the

Devilbiss DA-300 Automatic Spray Gun

DA-300 has new types of air caps for LVMP (Low Volume Medium Pressure) atomization. And the fluid passages are made of stainless steel and therefore also suitable for waterborne paints. Nozzles are available in the sizes 0.8, 1.1mm, 1.4mm and 1.8 mm. The main applications of this cost-effective waterborne automatic gun is general purpose industrial use, for both solvent and waterborne materials, including, metallic and pearl type paints. As an option, non-ratchet type needle adjustment is also available. More information here : Devilbiss DA-300