Devilbiss JGA: The “Best Spray Gun in the World” is back!

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Devibiss has re-introduced the legendary DeVilbiss JGA conventional spray gun. When first introduced some years ago, this spray gun set standards for high

Devilbiss JGA-558 Spray Gun

performance conventional air atomising spray of abrasive, ceramic, enamels and difficult to spray materials. The gun was considered by many to be the “Best Spray Gun in the World” when it came to heavy duty applications.

Main applications of the “new” JGA-558 spray gun (with airflow valve) and JGA-559 (without airflow valve): enamels (e.g. stove enamels), ceramic coatings, glazes, most types of abrasive paints and difficult to spray and heavily bodied materials. A wide range of stainless steel, hardened and tungsten carbide fluid tips (1.8mm to 2.8mm) and needles are available.  The gun body with stainless steel fluid passageways features superior corrosion resistance and is suitable for solvent and waterborne paints. For more information: [email protected]