Krautzberger PK40D: new spray coating system for insulation applications

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The newly developed spray coating system PK40D of company Krautzberger ( simplifies the coating process in a wide range of insulation applications and even allows the optimal insulation of complex geometric substrates. The system has been developed especially for sprayable waterbased insulating coatings based on Aerogel fillers.

Mobile spray coating system PK40D of Krautzberger

The Krautzberger PK40D spray coating system for insulation application (photo: Krautzberger)

The coating is applied onto the substrate with a conventional low-pressure atomizing spray gun (not airless). It allows an application thickness of only 5 – 10 mm to correspond with a thickness of about 85 – 95% of conventional 100 – 150 mm insulations. And the coating can be applied without a primer on almost any substrate and is extremely flexible with respect to temperature fluctuations and elasticity. The material can be altered to be flame-retardant if necessary. Areas of application are basically all areas that require heat or noise insulation as well as a safe-touch and anti-condensate coating.
The two available systems PK20S (with one 20 litre pressure tank) and PK40D (with two 20 litre pressure tanks) are mobile and can therefore easily be operated on construction sites.  Only a compressed-air connection (min. 6 bar) and a water connection (min. 3 bar) are needed. The system was developed in cooperation with raw material manufacturer Worlée-Chemie ( and Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH. For more information: [email protected]