New Binks Airless 75 spray gun

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Binks has introduced a new airless gun, the “Airless 75 Spray Gun” for a maximum pressure of 7500 PSI.  Unique needle design and packing are the special features of this gun, i.e. the needle is kept out of the fluid’s path, and the packing is adjustable for longer life.

Two fluid inlet options are available:

1)      The  gun has an external stainless steel fluid tube (Part No. 0811-7500-1) with an optional heat guard that allows the use of heated coatings up to 175°F (79°C).

2)      At the Binks Airless 75 Direct Connect model (Part No. 0811-7500-2) the fluid hose is attached directly to the gun.

Airless 75 Spray Gun Direct Connect (photo: Binks)

Airless 75 Spray Gun with External Stainless Steel Fluid Tube (photo: Binks)

Due to the thick-walled stainless steel fluid tube and fluid passages made of tungsten carbide, this gun is compatible with almost any coating, from stain to zinc, including high solids and abrasive industrial materials.  The gun has also a stress reducing ergonomic handle and a two finger trigger.  This combination gives the operator more control, and better leverage of the spray gun. For more information please contact us by email.