Timmer glue pump: the advanced air-operated dosing pump

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timmer pneumatic glue pump

Pneumatic glue pump of the PTI series for viscous and liquid fluids (Photo: Timmer Pneumatic)

The glue pump of company Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH is a selfpriming, air-operated piston dosing pump for the transfer of wet glue to supply labeling machines and other related equipment. Several thousand pumps are in operation worldwide.

Piston pump without sealings

The drive piston is connected to the fluid piston via two external piston rods, and thus, this tried and tested seal-less drive prevents glue from intruding the pneumatic parts of the pump. A special double filter system prevents any contamination of the glue by labels or glass. The pump, driven by compressed air of 3 to 6 bar, has a conveying capacity of approx. 8 l/min or 480 l/h (based on water) and can deliver glue or other mediums with a density of up to 100.000 mPas. As the glue/medium is conveyed in upstroke as well as downstroke direction, the medium is conveyed with low pulsation and turbulence. With a weight of only 4.5 kg the pump is easily movable between different feeding containers.

The heating system makes the difference

To generate and maintain the optimal glue temperature is of utmost importance as the glue temperature has a great effect on the adherence and on the glue consumption during the labeling process. Even small temperature fluctuations can cause a significant increase in glue consumption and affects the adherence quality. For this reason the glue pumps of Timmer are equipped with an integrated and easy-to-operate electronic heating system, which avoids temperature fluctuations. The power of 700W (110V / 50 Hz) and 1400 watts (230V / 60Hz) assures that the glue is heated-up very quickly and can be taken out of the container basically immediately with the right working temperature. This is important, for example during the start-up of the labelling process or when the glue container has to be changed. For more information: [email protected]