TIP: Save solvent & money while flushing your hoses

Published by merscher on

The two companies Binks and Devilbiss offer a simple, but very efficient cleaning system for the flushing of hoses, the so-called “Solvent Saver” (183GZ-5200), a specially designed 7 litre (2 gallon) pressure tank. With this system up to 70% solvent can be saved during the cleaning process.

The system scrubs both the hoses and the gun much cleaner than shooting strait solvent or water. And the operation is simple: the hoses are attached with the spray gun intact, and then the trigger pulled.  A finely atomized blast of solvent travels through the hose and gun fluid passages and actually “scrubs” the inner walls of the hoses and gun fluid passages. This process is very fast and takes only about 2 minutes. And when using catalyzed paints a quick flush allows to work on measuring and mixing time instead of cleanup. The maximum working pressure of this tank is 7.5 bar (110 psi), and is equipped with 1/4″ NPS(m) connectors for air inlet and 3/8″ NPS(m) for fluid.  More information: [email protected]