Paint Resistivity Meter for Electrostatic Applications

The fast measurement of paint resistance

The Ransburg meter 76652-03 is a handheld meter designed for the fast measurement of the
electrical resistance of paints and varnishes used for electrostatic applications. It is an essential tool for paint labs, paint manufacturers, customers’ inspection dept., and other electrostatic equipment end users. Once the paint or coating resistance is determined, and found to be sprayed successfully, measuring resistivity Ransburg meter 76652-03with this meter provides a way to duplicate conditions. This is extremely important when troubleshooting problems with spray or rotational applicators.
The complete measuring kit 76652-03 includes the Multifunction Meter 76634-00 and the Paint Probe Assembly 7922-00. The Multi-Function Meter itself is powered by a single 9V alkaline battery. The meter has two scales, MΩ and kΩ that may be used for the measurement of the paint resistance.

Easy operation – results in seconds

The operation is very operator friendly: The meter dial has to be set to the right scale (usually first to the MΩ) and the paint probe plugged into the meter. Then the probe has to be immersed vertically into the well-mixed sample fluid until the holes at the bottom of the slots in the probe sleeve are submerged. A reading can be taken after only 5-10 seconds of submerging the probe. The paint resistivity range should be between 0.05 MΩ to 1.0 MΩ for Aerobells and Discs, and starting from 0.1 MΩ for most electrostatic spray guns.

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