Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)

  • Air-operated diaphragm pumps use compressed air to operate (no electricity required)
  • Different body materials are available (aluminum, polypropylene, stainless steel), suitable for basically all types of fluids, including corrosive liquids and liquids with high solid content.
  • The air motor of the pump can work in danger zones and areas vulnerable to explosion (Explosion Proof)
  • The Air motor incorporates a no stall air valve for reliable start-up
  • Can replace diaphragm pumps from other manufacturers such as Wilden, Graco, Yamada, Versamatic and Aro-Ingersoll Rand

Technical Specifications

Sizes (Fluid Connection): 3/8 – 3 inch
Body materials: Aluminum, Polypropylene (PP) or Stainless Steel
32-580 lpm [8.5-153 gpm]
Diaphragm Material: PTFE/TFM (Options: UPE, Santoprene)
Brand: DYI SHENG (Taiwan)
Suction Lift (max.): 
6 m (wet) or 3.7 m (dry)
Air Inlet Pressure (max.): 8.3 bar [120 psi]
Air Inlet Pressure (min.): 0.5 bar [7.25 psi]
Solid/Particle Size (max.): 1.5-6.4 mm [0.06-0.25 inch], depending on pump size


  • Paints, inks, solvents, chemical agents, adhesives, glue
  • Acids, bases, resins
  • Waste water, sewage, sludge, diesel, heating oil
  • Ceramic slip, glazes
  • Lubricants, oils
  • Plating solutions

Model Overview

Diaphragm Pumps – Aluminum

Applications: paint, solvent, ink, glue, oil, toluene, xylene, mud, sludge, waste water

ModelBody MaterialSizeCapacity
DS03-AATAluminum3/8 inch32 lpm [8.5 gpm]
DS04-AATAluminum1/2 inch48 lpm [12.7 gpm]
DS06-AATAluminum3/4 inch90 lpm [23.7 gpm]
DS10-AATAluminum1 inch180 lpm [47.5 gpm]
DS14-AATAluminum1-1/2 inch340 lpm [89.7 gpm]
DS20-AATAluminum2 inch580 lpm [153.2 gpm]

Diaphragm Pumps – PP (Polypropylene)

Applications: sodium nitrite, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, aqua regia, phosphoric acid, boric acid, carbonic acid

ModelBody MaterialSizeCapacity
DS04-PATPP1/2 inch48 lpm [12.7 gpm]
DS10-PAFPP1 inch168 lpm [44.3 gpm]

Diaphragm Pumps – Stainless Steel

Applications: carbonic acid, sodium nitrate, methylene chloride, alcohols, nitric acid, ammonia, oils (coal oil, carrier oil, mineral oil), degreasing agents, waste waster

ModelBody MaterialSizeCapacity
DS04-SAISS1/2 inch48 lpm [12.7 gpm]
DS06-SATSS3/4 inch90 lpm [23.7 gpm]
DS10-SATSS1 inch180 lpm [47.5 gpm]
DS14-SATSS1-1/2 inch340 lpm [89.7 gpm]
DS20-SATSS2 inch580 lpm [153.2 gpm]

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What does PP AODD Pump stand for?

PP AODD Pump stands for PP (polypropylene) Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump. The pump is driven by compressed air, has diaphragms on both sides of the pump and the wetted part is made from polypropylene.

What does SS AODD Pump stand for?

SS AODD Pump stands for Stainless Steel Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump. The pump is driven by compressed air, has diaphragms on both sides of the pump and the wetted part is made from stainless steel.

Diaphragm Materials: PTFE/TFM vs PE vs Santoprene?

PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) provides very good overall chemical and heat resistance. TFM is a further-developed, modified PTFE that features even better fatigue properties and stress recovery leading to longer life time. PE (Polyetheylene), UPE (synonym for a range of Ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylenes) and Santoprene (a registered trademark and synonym for a range of thermoplastic compounds) offer lower chemical resistance than PTFE/TFM but highest abrasive resistance for longer service life.

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